What it does

What it does, Plant Wizard

Plant Wizard streamlines the administrative processes involved in the successful planning and implementation of tree planting projects.

Plant Wizard, Desktop

With Plant Wizard on a PC You Can…

  • Forecast seedling needs into the future.
  • Track seed and seedling inventory.
  • Allocate seedling inventory to planned plantations.
  • Instantly identify seed or seedling surpluses and shortages.
  • Track planting costs.
  • Share data with other users seamlessly over the internet.
Plant Wizard, iPad

On a Mobile Device You Can…

  • Quickly view the entire project plan, site by site.
  • Quickly access detailed seedling properties in the field.
  • Record seedling deliveries.
  • Record planting plots.
  • Record planting production numbers.
  • Easily sync the data to share with other project members.
Plant Wizard online

Online You Can…

  • Manage seedling inventories and share with foresters, planters and nurseries.
  • Plan detailed delivery schedules of cold storage or hot lift seedlings.
  • Collaborate on delivery schedules with nurseries and shippers online.
  • Track changes in seedling ownership.