How it works

Plant Wizard is a system that incorporates web, mobile and desktop software to provide one synchronized data platform that can be collaborated on by three main parties involved in the tree planting process: Foresters, Planters and Seedling Growers.

Users create projects and then assign other users to collaborate on the project with specific data editing and viewing permissions set by individual login.

Plant Wizard is often integrated with other enterprise databases (i.e. GIS or Financial) as part of a larger Business Intelligence solution.

User Interface, Plant Wizard

User Interface

  • Our flexible user interface can be customized to each client and even each user.
  • Spreadsheet “look and feel” plus many screens can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel.
  • Easy report customization.
User Security, Plant Wizard

User Security

  • Settings and preferences are determined by the user and remembered between sessions.
  • Data access and security is determined by user login.
  • Data edits are tracked by user login.
Deployment, Plant Wizard


  • The desktop application can be deployed using a remote deployment strategy such as Citrix in large organizations.
  • The iOS application is deployed from the iTunes App Store.
  • The Android application is deployed from Google Play Store.
  • Plant Wizard online is used with any HTML compliant web browser.
Input, Plant Wizard


  • Plant Wizard projects are typically created by importing most of the detailed planting site and seedling data from other databases or spreadsheets.
  • We have built-in tools for importing data as well as some customized imports for some clients.
  • Project operational results can be input online, on the mobile app or on the desktop PC.
Output, Plant Wizard


  • Flexible, user-defined on screen reporting with export options for Microsoft Excel.
  • Customized and standard reports are available to meet your needs.
  • Customized and standard data exports are available for clients to integrate planting activity data with other corporate databases.