Products, Plant Wizard

Plant Wizard is a software platform that includes three distinct sets of tools:

Plant Wizard online


Plant Wizard online (aka SSMS) is an online software application used primarily for coordinating seedling deliveries from the nursery to the field for planting. Plant Wizard online streamlines the coordination between planters, nurseries, and foresters by eliminating thousands of time consuming faxes, phone calls and emails while preventing historic seedling shipping nightmares.

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Plant Wizard, Desktop


Plant Wizard desktop is a Windows-based application used by foresters and planters. Foresters can easily plan out their planting projects starting with tools to simplify sowing and then progressing to easy allocation of available seedlings to planting sites. Planters can summarize all the production data from their crew(s) for quickly generating payroll and balancing against tree deliveries.

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Plant Wizard, iPad


A mobile version of Plant Wizard is available as a free app for viewing the project plans in the field and for recording tree planting data such as deliveries, planter tallies and quality plots. This powerful software provides a streamlined interface to collect and analyze data right in the field without any connection to the internet. Once connected to the internet, all of your data can be synced through our powerful web server to be shared with other members of the project.

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